Exciting times ahead with PathXL Tutor digital pathology offering

Rebecca Fitton

25th Nov 2020
Exciting times ahead with PathXL Tutor digital pathology offering

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Since acquiring Belfast-based Philips Digital and Computational Pathology business (formerly known as PathXL) in July this year, we have continued to refine and design PathXL Tutor, our digital pathology software platform for education and professional development.

PathXL Tutor is a cloud-based digital pathology course creation and assessment platform that facilitates the development and distribution of online virtual microscopy courses, examinations, and competency assessments. Due to the continued rise in digital learning, which has heightened even more since the COVID-19 pandemic, the software provides universities, institutions and professional organisations with the capability to transform the education and learning experience of their students with the following digital capabilities:

  • The content management system allows managers to create HTML-based e-learning modules and offers excellent functionality around the creation and delivery of training content in a virtual laboratory setting.
  • It comes equipped with a powerful digital slide viewer with many capabilities namely (including) annotation and snapshot capabilities.
  • It has a dedicated tool (OLT – OnLine Test) for testing students and pathologists on whole slide images, allowing learners to view and assess real tumour samples within a virtual microscopy environment.
  • The software is intuitive and easy to use – minimal training is required for users.
  • Vendor agnostic; you can use virtual slides from all main vendors.

We caught up with Janine, one of our PathXL Tutor Product Specialist to hear what she had to say on the exciting future of the product and its benefits in pathology education and professional development.

What’s your favourite product feature?

My favourite feature about PathXL Tutor is that it is easy to deploy. Due to its managed service and the fact that it is hosted in the cloud it is quick to get started and easy to get up and running. This is a lifesaver for our customers who have had to make big adjustments in relation to how they teach or run courses and conferences. We had a customer who needed to all of a sudden teach digitally and we were able to get it up and running for them in 2 weeks.

Who are your customers?

Our current customers range from a wide variety of different backgrounds, including universities, professional societies, hospitals with residency programs and institutions, and we endeavour to help our customers out with each of their individual needs. PathXL Tutor is not just for undergraduate education or teaching, it enables the sharing of slides for training, professional development and competency evaluation.

What do you see in the future of digital pathology?

I believe that for the future of digital pathology it’s really important that it is seamlessly integrated with the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). I believe that this will radically transform the pathology workflow, reducing waste, streamlining efficiencies in LIMS, enabling pathologists, and truly transforming pathology as a discipline.

What do you find unique about Cirdan and its products?

What I find truly inspiring about Cirdan is the “customer focused” culture. We have an excellent customer support team who work towards a 24hr follow the sun model, we also have dedicated subject matter experts who put the customers’ requirements at the forefront of their daily activities. To me, Cirdan also stands out within the medtech industry due to its visionary and innovative nature. Cirdan’s long-term vision for our products is to be global technological leaders. With the acquisition of PathXL we are now able to accelerate the inclusion of deep learning and digital pathology technology through the development of a seamless LIMS integration. At the same time we are able to educate the next generation of pathologists through our commitment to the continued development of PathXL Tutor.


Interested in hearing more? Get in touch at marketing@cirdan.com