Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Let Our Family Protect Your Family

Bronagh McStravick

07th Oct 2022
Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Let Our Family Protect Your Family

October marks a month dedicated to a cause close to the core of everything which we do at Cirdan: Breast Cancer Awareness. This month will see a surge in activism surrounding breast cancer awareness and a push for finding a cure from around the globe. The fight to treat and cure breast cancer continues constantly, and we pride ourselves in taking part in the fight to save lives.  

Breast cancer is the second most prevalent form of cancer in women, accounting for 1 in 3 of new female cancers annually in the US, and affects women of all ages, sizes and races. It has affected countless families in different ways and continues to do so every day, affecting over 2 million people per year, globally.  

It is time to take action towards raising awareness of this all-too-common disease and work together towards finding the best possible outcomes for all those affected by it.

Of course, breast cancer diagnoses don’t just happen in October. That’s why at Cirdan, our activism surrounding breast cancer awareness continues all year around. We are passionate about healthcare and getting patients the care they deserve. Our ethos is centred around the improvement of patient wellbeing through quick diagnosis, to ensure more women affected by breast cancer can make a full recovery and lives can be saved. 

Our family of imaging products are revolutionising the process of diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer patients. At Cirdan, we are passionate about helping and supporting clinicians and their patients to ensure mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends and colleagues get the treatment they need and deserve.  

CoreLite, our X-ray radiography imaging system released in 2018, verifies microcalcifications of breast biopsy cores directly at the point of care. The efficiency and innovation of the system reduces patient anxiety and stress during the procedure through the ability to obtain immediate results, allowing for immediate decisions on treatment to be taken.

Solas OR, our X-ray radiography imaging system released in 2021, furthers this mission by delivering a system which provides rapid image capture of quality specimen images for use directly within the operating theatre by surgeons and clinical staff, allowing for improving patient outcomes in surgical procedures.

Cirdan’s aim is to reduce patient stress and anxiety faced during diagnosis and the following procedures, and we are constantly innovating to deliver the best patient care possible as we are driven by our motto ‘Improving Wellbeing Through Innovation’.