Cirdan Joins NHS Scotland Framework in 2023

Bronagh McStravick

01st Feb 2023
Cirdan Joins NHS Scotland Framework in 2023

Cirdan Joins NHS Scotland Framework in 2023

We are delighted to announce that Cirdan is now on the NHS Scotland framework, providing X-Ray radiography imaging systems for NHS Scotland hospitals in 2023.

Our family of imaging products aid clinicians in the diagnosis of breast cancer in patients across the globe. At Cirdan, we are passionate about helping and supporting clinicians and their patients, to ensure women everywhere receive the treatment they need.

Unfortunately, the global number of breast cancer diagnoses is on the rise (World Health Organisation, 2022), and at Cirdan we pride ourselves in forming part of the fight against cancer. As a result of being selected on this framework, Cirdan systems will aid clinicians in the diagnosis of Breast Cancer, helping an entirely new group of patients get timely results and the treatment which they need and deserve.

In Scotland, almost 15% of all cancers diagnosed annually are breast cancer, of which the recovery rates have been steadily growing in recent years (Public Health Scotland, 2020). Cirdan aims to be part of the change which pushes an increase in recovery from breast cancer. Therefore, as we integrate more of our systems throughout Scottish labs and hospitals, we look forward to bringing the fight against cancer, the idea on which our family of products is based, to Scottish women in 2023 – and as a result improve the outcomes for all those diagnosed with the disease.

CoreLite is our specimen radiography cabinet which produces high-resolution, high-quality images of breast biopsy cores at rapid speed. The product’s aim is to produce the highest possible quality of X-ray imaging and to aid clinicians by enabling them to make quick, efficient, and accurate diagnoses for patients.

Similarly, Solas OR is our X-Ray radiography system designed for use directly in the operating room. The system produces high-definition, high-quality X-Ray images of tumour tissue, assisting breast surgeons to accurately identify tumour margins.

Both systems will be available to hospitals and clinics across Scotland from 2023, playing a key role in the fight to save lives.

We look forward to what is to come in 2023 and using our products to revolutionise the future of the patient journey throughout Scotland and beyond. Our goal in entering labs across Scotland, always with the patient in mind, is to ‘improve wellbeing through innovation’.


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