Cirdan’s PathXL Tutor Platform to deliver managed service for PathLAKE’s online virtual microscopy courses

Rebecca Fitton

30th Mar 2021
Cirdan’s PathXL Tutor Platform to deliver managed service for PathLAKE’s online virtual microscopy courses

Cirdan, a global leader in pathology informatics and imaging, since acquiring the Belfast-based Philips Digital and Computational Pathology business (formerly known as PathXL) in July 2020, has enhanced its existing product offering with PathXL’s digital pathology, image analysis, deep learning, and educational tools. As part of this, Cirdan has invested further in refining and developing the successful PathXL Tutor software platform, with the latest version of the platform being made available to customers this month.

Professor David Snead Director of PathLAKE and Professor of Pathology at UHCW NHS Trust

Following the acquisition, the educational component of the PathLAKE project, funded by Innovate UK, is now being delivered by Cirdan. Cirdan is delighted to be supporting the education of future and current pathologists, by delivering a whole educational programme to PathLAKE with a complete managed service, including software licences, hosting of virtual slides, high-level customer support as well as assisting with course content creation.

The modules created within the PathXL Tutor platform for PathLAKE cover breast, prostate and PDL1. All are accredited by the Royal College of Pathologists and can be accessed by anyone looking to train and develop their skills in digital pathology. Cirdan and PathLAKE’s joint goal is to educate the next generation of pathologists and truly transform pathology as a discipline through the digitisation and online assessment capabilities of the modules within PathXL Tutor.

As part of this partnership Cirdan will support PathLAKE’s annual meeting at its flagship conference, Pathology Horizons, which takes place annually and is centred on the future of pathology and the developments that lie ahead in the field. The conference is due to take place from 9-11th September this year at the Slieve Donard resort & spa in Newcastle, N. Ireland.

In terms of future outcomes of the partnership, Cirdan and PathLAKE, due to their joint desire to drive the uptake of digital pathology among pathologists, have hinted at the creation of a further accredited module. The module will be aimed at educating professionals so that they can self-validate and become certified to use digital slides for diagnosis through verifying a set number of review cases and taking the appropriate assessment at the end of the course.

Professor Rakha is a Consultant Pathologist and Professor at the University of Nottingham, one of the PathLAKE partners. He said: “Education is central to the adoption of whole slide images and AI technologies in pathology.

We are delighted to be partnering with Cirdan in order to provide world-class training and support to both the pathology and computer science communities through the PathXL platform. The combination of access to high quality digital pathology images and associated meta-data, industrial grade analytics, clinical and academic expertise supports the adoption of digital pathology and AI and will help drive further innovation in this area.”

Professor David Snead Director of PathLAKE and Professor of Pathology at UHCW NHS Trust said, “PathLAKE is delighted to be partnering with Cirdan in delivering a platform for the educational component of PathLAKE’s mission. We believe this will be a vital resource as laboratories across the UK and the world transition to digital pathology. Cirdan have a long relationship with UHCW and PathLAKE and have proven to be one of the most agile and innovative companies in this sector who have a proven track record delivering world class laboratory information systems. We look forward to working with them on this exciting project”.

Access to the PathXL Tutor Platform is open to all. Please email or complete the form at

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