CoreLite: Specimen Radiography System for Breast Biopsy Cores

Rebecca Fitton

12th May 2020
CoreLite: Specimen Radiography System for Breast Biopsy Cores

What is CoreLite Specimen Radiography System?

CoreLite is a dedicated specimen x-ray system designed to verify microcalcifications of breast biopsy cores. It is compact and self contained and therefore, can be located in the biopsy room where specimens are imaged and verified within seconds at the point of care.

Why did we develop the CoreLite solution?

Currently a patient is scheduled for a biopsy after her mammogram has presented with a suspicious lesion. A stereotactic biopsy is conducted and the specimen needs to be harvested and x-rayed by a mammography unit to identify and confirm if microcalcifications are present. This could interrupt a mammography exam being preformed, causing the process to take longer and patient discomfort and stress, slowing down clinical throughput.


The workflow supports standalone operation as well as a fully integrated configuration with RIS and PACS. Patient details can be loaded directly from a DICOM modality worklist and images sent automatically to PACS for storage or review.

Key Features:CoreLite

  • Compact and self-contained
  • High Speed Imaging
  • High Resolution Imaging
  • DICOM Based Image Store
  • Connectivity to RIS and PACS
  • Barcode Reader available
  • Comprehensive safety interlocks


“I save approximately 15 minutes per procedure as I don´t need to go and x-ray the samples in another room. This rapid verification is less work intensive and reduces the number of working hours by about 2 hours per week. CoreLite delivers high quality images in a few seconds which gives us a shorter procedure time.

Ulrica Pettersson, Radiographer, Unilabs, Sweden

View more in CoreLite Intro video: