Omega Diagnostics enhances patient reporting by utilising Cirdan’s Patient and Practitioner Portals

Bronagh McStravick

25th Apr 2023
Omega Diagnostics enhances patient reporting by utilising Cirdan’s Patient and Practitioner Portals

Omega Diagnostics has enhanced the process of reporting test results for Cambridge Nutritional Sciences Lab (CNS Lab) by utilising Cirdan’s Patient and Practitioner portals. The portals allow patients to receive results in an engaging format that facilitates understanding, while practitioners will now have one centralised app to effectively manage their patients and their results. The successful Go-Live of the portals marks a significant step in enhancing remote access to results for practitioners and patients by Cirdan. The portals have been officially launched under the name MyHealthTracker and MyHealthTracker Pro.

Background and Business Need

Omega Diagnostics is an international diagnostics testing business that is passionate about improving lives around the world by accurately informing health decisions. Drawing on over 30 years’ experience, Omega develop, manufacture, and market pioneering diagnostic products associated with food sensitivity and gut health. Omega’s products promote a personalised approach to health, enabling healthcare practitioners to make informed decisions that can transform their patients’ long-term health. Omega’s products are currently being used in more than 150 medical laboratories worldwide.

Omega’s vision is to put personalised nutrition at the heart of global healthcare. Omega identified Cirdan’s patient and practitioner portals as the best platforms to improve the collaboration and interaction between patients and practitioners. From the beginning of app development, Omega and Cirdan shared a vision to empower patients and make a real difference in a patient’s healthcare journey and experience. Key to this was to ensure patients are provided with their results in a timely and accessible format, with support to facilitate interpretation of results from their practitioner and from Omega. Cirdan’s patient and practitioner portals evolved during several discovery sessions from this shared vision of reporting results to a patient, to the creation of an app where patients can provide ongoing updates of on their health through a symptom diary, helping them to identify personalised health trends, while also enabling practitioners to manage the whole relationship with their patients.

The Results and Impact

At the beginning of the project, Omega and Cirdan held joint workshops to get a deep understanding of the current gaps in patient reporting and how a solution can be found in an easy to use, mobile friendly app. These sessions involved Omega’s experienced and dedicated team of nutritionists, laboratory staff, and product experts. This provided the development team with a clear view of the processes and complexities of both the CNS lab and other Omega client laboratories. The teams brought together their shared vision of patient ownership of their healthcare journey and used it to define the key features within Cirdan’s patient and practitioner portal app. The feature prioritised was the ability for patients to access and read their results in a timely and easy to understand format, with the additional capability of enabling patients to record their symptoms and share them with their practitioner.

The key functionality defined in the first version of the app ultimately has a dual benefit for both the patient and practitioner.  Both patient and practitioner have direct and timely digital access to their results through iOS, Android, and web apps, which practitioners can use to release and add comments to new results. The patient can also create a daily record of their symptoms, allowing them to build up a picture of their own health, and share this with their practitioner and gain ongoing support on their health journey. The apps also support independent practitioners by providing them with a centralised location to store and manage patient results, with data security and patient privacy key principles of the solution design.

Commenting on the successful Go-Live and the benefits of the patient-for global diagnostics, Jagg Grewal, CEO at Omega Diagnostics at said: “As an international diagnostic testing business that is passionate about improving lives around the world by accurately informing health decisions, the recent launch of our MyHealthTracker app helps our reach and connects us to our customers globally while giving us a better understanding of gut health data and trends. It also empowers people, via a healthcare practitioner, to become more proactive about managing their health straight from their phone, which we believe is an important step forward.”

Brendan McCann, Product Manager at Cirdan added: “It was great to work with such an innovative and forward-thinking company, who share the same passion and vision as we do at Cirdan. Both Cirdan and Omega care deeply about patient experience and outcomes and know that this means healthcare practitioners need the best tools possible for their work.  This launch is another step in enhancing patient healthcare and empowering practitioners with digital tools for reporting and sharing the results with their patients and supporting result interpretation and decision making.”

About Cirdan

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