First Shipment of Solas OR to US

Rebecca Fitton

07th Jun 2022
First Shipment of Solas OR to US

Last week we were delighted to send our first shipment of our latest specimen imaging system, Solas OR to a customer in the US.

Innovation is at the heart of Cirdan and we are committed to improving the treatment of breast cancer and helping surgeons reduce readmission rates by providing rapid and accurate imaging at the point of care for both core biopsy and surgical specimens. Solas OR is our dedicated X-ray specimen cabinet designed for surgical and biopsy suites. Solas OR incorporates Cirdan’s latest technology to produce images with high levels of detail and contrast, giving the surgeon high quality images at the point of care meaning less time in the OR environment for the patient.

Key Benefits of Solas OR Include:

Excellent image qualityThe Solas OR is unique in specimen radiography by utilising the latest direct-detection photon counting technology to deliver images with high levels of detail, definition and contrast.

Save timeSpecimens are imaged and verified directly in OR via a simple and intuitive 5-click workflow from start to finish.

Large Imaging Area15cm x 12cm nominal.

Geometric Magnification Levels Allows smaller samples such as core biopsy samples to be imaged at higher magnification (reduced FOV) giving the unit a dual-purpose use.

SecurityDesigned with a focus on cybersecurity, Cirdan is committed to protecting patient data and maintaining the integrity and availability of our products.

Traceability DICOM compliant imaging software ensures traceability of images to patient and care records.

Congratulations to all the team involved in making our first Solas OR Shipment a great success!