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Cirdan’s CoreLite Specimen Radiography cabinet is highly optimised for the breast biopsy room, providing high-quality imaging in seconds, enabling even the finest microcalcifications to be seen. Ultimately reducing patient wait time whilst enabling clinicians to deliver high-quality care.

Delivering Excellent
Image Quality

Resolution and enhanced image processing ensure even the finest microcalcifications can be seen.

Saving Time for You and the Patient

Specimens can be imaged and verified in seconds within the biopsy room, allowing for a significantly shorter procedure.

Seamless and
Intuitive Workflow

Requiring minimal training, easy-to-use software helps you complete any case from start to finish in 4 easy steps.

Key Features of CoreLite

  • High-quality imaging (10lp/mm)
  • DICOM-based image share 
  • Connectivity to PACS/RIS
  • Full traceability & security
  • Flexible solution with a trolley option to suit your needs
  • Dedicated PC and software 

Reduce Patient Anxiety

CoreLite offers rapid verification of breast biopsy cores, directly in the biopsy room. Ultimately reducing patient stress and anxiety through timely image results. 

How CoreLite Can Benefit You

User-friendly & ready to use.

A Simple 4 Step Workflow

CoreLite combines state-of-the-art hardware with innovative software to produce high-quality x-ray images enabling quick and easy identification of microcalcifications.

Customer Testimonials

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With CoreLite, I save approximately 15 minutes per procedure as I don´t need to go and x-ray the samples in another room. This rapid verification is less work intensive and reduces the number of working hours by about 2 hours per week.
Ulrica Pettersson, Radiographer, Unilabs, Malmö, Sweden

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