Delivering Performance, Ease of Use,
and Reliability

Solas OR is expertly designed and engineered to deliver consistency and reliability during this critical phase of the patient journey.

Increased Confidence in
Margin Detection

Experience faster turnaround times and accurate data with our single compact unit.

Reducing Surgical Procedure Time

Timely detection of tumour margins directly within the operating room.

Minimal Training

Our intuitive interface delivers ease of use, requiring minimal training.

Dual-Purpose X-Ray System for Time Critical Environments

Designed specifically for surgical and biopsy suites, our dual-purpose X-ray specimen cabinet provides efficient and accurate imaging for small and large samples.

Intelligent Design

Solas OR is a secure and scalable solution designed to streamline your workflow in just 4 simple steps. 

Photon-Counting Technology

Capture high-quality images of your samples with Solas OR’s advanced imaging technology.

One Touch Annotated Notes

Organise and manage your images efficiently using Solas OR’s intuitive software.

Powered by VividPath

Cirdan’s expertly designed imaging software integrated with Solas OR.

Instantly Accessible, High Quality Images

DICOM compliant imaging software ensures traceability of images to patient and care records.

Intuitive, 4 Step

Delivering the same high quality procedure in less time.

Seamless Integration with Hospital Networks

Designed with a focus on cybersecurity to protect patient data and seamless workflow.

Customer Testimonials

Read what our customers have to say about us.

The real benefit of working with the Cirdan team is the support that they provide. I have worked as a product manager for a competitor LIMS, and the technical and implementation support we have received from the team has been exceptional, and would truly be labelled as gold-standard, best practice if compared to other software vendors. 
Peter Lambros, Head of Operations Virtus Health, Australia

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Solas OR

Breast Surgery

Effective margin detection in a
time-critical environment

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