Introducing our Family of Specimen Imaging Systems: Built With the Patient in Mind

Bronagh McStravick

24th Nov 2022
Introducing our Family of Specimen Imaging Systems: Built With the Patient in Mind

Cirdan are delighted to be officially launching for the first time in the US our family of specimen imaging systems, built with the patient in mind.

At Cirdan, we are proud to be a key contributor in the fight against breast cancer. Our systems are designed with the patient in mind and aim to fulfil the growing demand for solutions to help clinical teams improve their operating efficiencies and ultimately their patient outcomes.

Through our latest innovative technology, our family of imaging systems aim to deliver streamlined workflows and reduced procedure times. With advanced features such as high-resolution imaging, DICOM based image store, and connectivity to RIS and PACS, our systems are paving a new way forward in the field of medical imaging. Our family is built with one core target in mind: to protect your family, today.

The first member in our family of systems is CoreLite. CoreLite is a dedicated specimen x-ray system designed to verify microcalcifications of breast biopsy cores. Being compact and self-contained, it can be located in the biopsy room where specimens are imaged and verified within seconds at the point of care.

CoreLite offers a range of benefits to both radiographer and patient. On the clinical side, it produces high speed imaging, high resolution imaging, DICOM based image store, connectivity to RIS and PACS, an available Barcode Reader, as well as comprehensive safety interlocks. Overall, CoreLite offers a quick, reliable, efficient, and secure method of specimen imaging for radiographers. More importantly, its high speed and high-resolution imaging offer an incredible benefit to the patient: shorter procedure times, resulting in reduced stress and anxiety through rapid diagnosis.

Other members of our family follow this theme directly through the patient treatment process. Solas OR is a dedicated X-ray specimen system designed for surgical and biopsy suites, providing high image quality, streamlined workflow and reduced procedure times. It aims to provide a rapid image capture of breast specimen images with high contrast levels, excellent definition, and clear views of microcalcifications and lesions instantly within the operating theatre. It does this through a range of innovative features, including an intuitive 4-step workflow, a large field of view at high resolution, along with the option of geometric magnification.

To find out more about CoreLite, Solas OR, and our range of imaging products please contact: or visit, and let our family protect your family today.