MIS Healthcare and Cirdan have partnered up to bring innovative Specimen Radiography Systems to the UK market

Bronagh McStravick

02nd Jun 2023
MIS Healthcare and Cirdan have partnered up to bring innovative Specimen Radiography Systems to the UK market

MIS Healthcare and Cirdan are proud to announce a new partnership to bring Cirdan’s innovative specimen radiography systems to hospitals across the UK. Cirdan, a key contributor in the fight against breast cancer, has designed its systems with the patient in mind.

A specialist in pathology and laboratory informatics, Cirdan is a trusted partner of healthcare organisations around the world. Together, the two companies will offer customers an unrivalled range of products.

Cirdan’s Solas OR radiography specimen cabinet aims to deliver streamlined workflows and reduce procedure times with advanced features such as high-resolution imaging, DICOM based image storing, and connectivity to RIS and PACS. Cirdan’s systems are paving a new way forward in the field of medical imaging.

With their combined expertise and innovative products, the two companies are well-positioned to offer UK customers the highest levels of service and support.

Why Solas OR?

Solas OR offers a wide range of benefits. These include the incorporation of photon counting technology, producing images of the highest clarity. Solas OR delivers the high contrast levels, excellent definition and clear views of microcalcifications and lesions which underpins the clinical performance of the system.


Solas OR is a dual use cabinet and can be used in both the theatre and biopsy clinic as required. SOLAS OR is designed primarily as a mobile device for surgery, assessing margins and the presence of markers in surgically excised specimens.


SOLAS OR is simple and easy to use; with 4 easy steps from case start to finish, requiring minimal training and preparation.


Solas OR VividPath software offers the ability for colleagues (i.e. radiologists) to remotely and safely access, review, and annotate captured images in real time, supporting the surgical procedure. Key features include remote image access, where images can be accessed, reviewed, and annotated without PACS, managed in one location, offering flexibility for PACS and non-PACS users.


SOLAS OR has a large field of view, optimised for surgical specimens with magnification available for smaller samples.


Solas OR can produce an image rapidly at short notice in surgery. Calibration can be completed at the start of the day or postponed until a more convenient time.


If you are interested in finding out more about Solas OR, contact us at: marketing@cirdan.com or visit www.cirdan.com.