Pathology Horizons is Back in Bath for 2024!

Bronagh McStravick

06th May 2024
Pathology Horizons is Back in Bath for 2024!

Pathology Horizons is back! The relaunch of our in-person Pathology Horizons conference saw our team gather Bath, for a fantastic 2-day event amongst many of our colleagues, customers, and friends.

The conference was held in the beautiful and historic Bath Spa Hotel, on the outskirts of Bath city. The CPD accredited event focused on the future of pathology, and facilitated an international audience of delegates from a mix of clinical, academic, IT and business backgrounds.

Year on year, Pathology Horizons boasts an impressive speaker panel, including some of the best minds in the areas of pathology and laboratory medicine. 2024 was no exception: across both conference days, we saw 16 fantastic speakers take to the stage to cover a range of areas in pathology, ranging from the transformation from whole slide imaging to no slide imaging, to pathology education, to drone application and sustainability!

Each of our speakers delivered fantastic sessions, from which feedback has been nothing short of exceptional. Attendees were impressed by the variety and scope of the line up, and have taken with them valuable lessons and seeds of thought for future advancement in the pathology field. Many thanks again to all of our fantastic speakers for sharing their expertise with us and making Pathology Horizons 2024 an unmissable event!

From the sessions, one common theme became apparent throughout the conference: patient centricity. Each person present, regardless of discipline or role, was truly cognizant of their role in pathology both within the healthcare system, and more specifically in the diagnosis pathway of patients. One of our speakers commented during their presentation that ‘I am a pathologist who helps to diagnose cancer. But primarily, I am a cancer doctor who specialises in pathology’.

This dedication to rapid diagnosis and patient wellbeing is truly close to the heart of all we do at Cirdan and is what drives our motivation for Pathology Horizons and beyond. It is our aim that the vital role of pathology is brought to the forefront of the patient diagnosis process, and given the recognition which it sincerely deserves.

We are delighted to have reinstated our Pathology Horizons conference to bring these ideas to the forefront, and are already looking forward to furthering this mission in Tasmania 2025. We hope to see you there!