PathXL Tutor: Digital Pathology Education and Training

Rebecca Fitton

03rd Nov 2021
PathXL Tutor: Digital Pathology Education and Training

This week (1st – 7th November) is National Pathology Week. National Pathology Week (NPW) is The Royal College of Pathologists’ annual celebration of pathology, which highlights the important contribution pathologists make to healthcare (Rcpath, 2021).

At Cirdan our innovative suite of products and solutions are deeply involved in many aspects of Pathology and laboratory workflows. Many of our products enable pathologists to speed up the diagnosis of patients, as our overall company vision is to improve wellbeing through innovation.

Path XL Tutor is Cirdan’s educational focused product for training the next generation of pathologists. Tutor is a cloud-based digital pathology course creation and assessment platform that facilitates the development and distribution of online virtual microscopy courses, examinations, and competency assessments.

Tutor facilitates student learning by allowing them to virtually analyse real life specimens on virtual slides. Currently there are over 50,000 users of Tutor worldwide, namely undergraduates, graduates, residents, laboratory technicians, and practicing professionals.

With an increase in digital learning, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are delighted to provide universities, institutions, and professional development organisations with the capability to facilitate remote learning though Tutor and truly transform the education and learning experience of their users.

See Tutor in action below.


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