ULTRA Cloud: Laboratory Information System hosted in the Cloud

Rebecca Fitton

05th Aug 2020
ULTRA Cloud: Laboratory Information System hosted in the Cloud

What is ULTRA?

ULTRA is a dedicated Laboratory Information System (LIS), which has evolved over the years to meet the needs of high throughput, multi-site, public and private laboratories with complex and diverse requirements.

From small, single discipline laboratories processing around 100 thousand tests per year, right up to large multi-lab, multi-discipline organisations carrying out up to 100 million tests per year. ULTRA has been designed to assist labs with paperless streamlining of workflows, processes and results to deliver more efficient, secure, and accurate services to clients. It is composed from multiple modules that support different laboratory needs and interconnect seamlessly to offer a unified solution.

ULTRA in the Cloud

ULTRA can be delivered as either an on-premise solution or hosted on the cloud. Many laboratories today are seeking a cloud service, due to the resilience and reliability a managed service provides.

The provision of cloud hosting is contracted either directly by the client or using Cirdan’s chosen cloud provider, Microsoft Azure. Microsoft is the premier provider of cloud services and security to the healthcare industry; it is committed to the highest levels of trust, transparency, standards conformance and regulatory compliance with the most comprehensive set of compliance offerings of any cloud service provider. Cirdan is a registered partner of Microsoft and works with the organisation locally and internationally to support the efficient knowledge transfer and implementation of new cloud features that can lead to cost reduction.

Managed Service

The Cirdan Managed Service provides baseline operational and security management, governed by the overarching ITIL processes (a framework of best practices for delivering IT services), covering servers up to and including the operating system layer.

The service also includes the following:

  • Monitoring and alerting / event management
  • Capacity and availability monitoring
  • Security management
  • Operating system security patching
  • Backup management
  • Product Support

Provided below, is a summary of the main features and benefits of ULTRA LIS hosted in the Cloud:


  • Managed Cloud Service – ITIL aligned
  • Extensive interoperability – including API, HL7 and FHIR
  • Digital Pathology – seamless integration and vendor agnostic
  • Experienced clinical staff – available for support & advice 24×7
  • Business Intelligence Reporting Tools
  • Secure with role based access control and full audit facilities
  • Support for all the major analysers


  • Scalable from small, single discipline laboratories to multi-lab, multi-discipline organisations
  • Highly secure for data at rest or in transit
  • Resilient system with >99.5% availability
  • Ability to support labs with their ISO15189 regulatory compliance
  • A system that is agile and can be flexed to meet changing workload patterns
  • Proactive monitoring to ensure your SLAs on turnaround time are met
  • Tools available to enhance user & admin productivity

Find our more about ULTRA in the Cloud via the Digital Marketplace framework or contact info@cirdan.com to speak to a product specialist.